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Stallion Oilfield Cuts Overtime by 50% with GPS Tracking

Stallion Oilfield Cuts Overtime by 50% with GPS Tracking
June 7, 2011 admin

oil-truckStallion Oilfield Services takes a proactive approach to tracking their employees and this has resulted in big savings for the Sibley, LA regional location.

“Adding the Track What Matter’s GPS units has had a tremendous impact on our business,” said Brett Johnson, Operations Support Manager, of Stallion Oilfield Services.

“With the installation of the units, we’ve cut our overtime in half and that’s only the beginning” said Johnson. “Last year, we didn’t have one single speeding ticket and that means an increase in the engine life of our trucks and a big decrease in maintenance related problems.  Not traveling the highways at 85 miles really makes a difference.”

stallionStallion needed a solution that would help them track and monitor their employees so they decided on wired-in GPS tracking units from Track What Matters. They’ve seen benefits that they didn’t initially expect.  Mr. Johnson noted that they’ve seen a real difference in attitudes of employees. “Our employees know that we’re tracking and monitoring them.  We actually review their reports with them weekly. Another great benefit is that our hourly rate has decreased because we get hours directly from the unit and it is extremely accurate”.

“Customer service has been great,” said Johnson. “When we had a slight hiccup with some of the SIM cards, they changed them out immediately and we didn’t skip a beat.  Mike or Kevin are always available anytime I need assistance.”  The significance of Stallion’s success has not been lost.  According to Mr. Johnson, they have referred many of their sister companies to Track What Matters.


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