GPS Tracking Costs

Posted in GPS Tracking Benefits on January 27th, 2012

What does GPS Tracking Cost?What does GPS Tracking cost

One of the most popular searches related to GPS tracking is; “What does GPS tracking cost?”  This is a completely fair question for anyone looking to start tracking their vehicles, trailers, or equipment.

What Type of GPS Tracking?

When asking the question about GPS tracking costs, you have to ask if this is real-time or passive tracking.  Real-time tracking means that you are able to see your vehicle or asset location immediately from a remote computer, phone, or other device.  Passive tracking describes a scenario where you retrieve the device that has been attached to a vehicle and download that data to your computer.

To better understand both types, you can read: How GPS Tracking Works

Tracking Devices

The GPS Tracking industry provides many types of devices to track different vehicles and assets.  With all, you will have to pay for the tracking device.  The prices vary greatly.  Generally, real-time GPS tracking devices range from around $300 to as much as $3,000 for some applications.  I have recently seen a satellite tracking device at a cost of over $4,000.  Don’t let that scare you!  This is an extreme case.  A quick call to a provider, like Track What Matters for instance, can get you their pricing.  In general, the number of features and the physical location in which the devices are engineered will impact the price of real-time tracking units.

You ALWAYS Pay for the Tracking Devices

Recently, we have had a rash of potential customers telling us that some providers are saying “we will GIVE you the tracking units and you just pay for the service…”.  The truth is, these providers are simply charging a little more and putting you on a lease or an extended payment plan.  In almost every case, you will pay more for this convenience in the long run.  That might be just fine.  You just need to look at the economics of the entire deal.  In most of these cases you give up flexibility to quit using the service and will be tied to a 3 year contract.  Again, if you are comfortable with this, that is just fine.  We offer a lease program as well…  I would simply encourage you to make certain you are comfortable with the person selling you something as “Free” if it is not really free.

GPS Tracking Service Costs

The cost of GPS Tracking service can vary greatly.  In general, you should expect to pay more per month for more data.  Know that every service provider has a base cost they are paying to have your device(s) on the cellular or satellite networks.  On top of that, there is an additional charge for the amount of data you put through the system.

Getting the right help…

I always encourage people to buy from people they like.  If you aren’t comfortable with a salesperson or feel you are being misled, move on to someone you are comfortable with.

Finally, remember that all services are not created equal.  Ask where the devices are manufactured.  Ask who owns the software and services you are using.  Ask who you call when you have a question or problem and if they have 24/7 service.

This is your purchase and you have to live with it…

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