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Time to get Real with Social Media

Time to get Real with Social Media
January 9, 2013 admin

Vocus Social Media

[ Courtesy of Vocus ]

After a very informative webinar with Vocus, featuring Business Marketing Consultant, John Jantsch, businesses small and large need to get real with social media.

“Social Media is a way to build products and services, not for your community, but with your community,” exclaimed Jantsch.

If you thought social media was going to be a fad, it’s time to wake up. According to Jantsch research, 20% of marketing budgets are going to some form of social media, and 84% of firms are planning on increasing their social media budget. Almost a third of these businesses are spending one thousand dollars a month for marketing/SEO tools and consultants.

Jantsch was keen on touching on two core points in his presentation, 1) Integrating to a total online presence, and 2) Adopting social behavior as a way to create social media participation. Makes sense, doesn’t it? How can we expect our customers (and prospects) to engage with us, if we are not speaking up in the first place?!

So, what does a total online presence consist of? Jantsch delved deep into 7 stages:

  1. Content Platform
  2. Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Online Advertising
  6. Mobile and Location
  7. Analytics and Conversion

It’s important for businesses to integrate each of these stages in order to create a successful online presence.

Participating in social media networks can lead to greater SEO and content relevance, thus amplifying your brand and its core business objectives and values. Great content is key. Be shareable! Furthermore it is important that all of your content, interactions, and promotions is in line with your brand standards.

It is time to look at Social media as a form of organic SEO for your business!