GPS Infographic: How Much Can I Save?

Infographic: GPS Tracking Saves Money

Infographic: GPS Tracking Saves You Money

Many businesses are reluctant to purchase GPS tracking devices, because of the fear of no ROI. Our business model effectively proves that such an investment is worth the while of companies of all sizes. A great aspect of Track What Matters, is that we are small enough to learn about each company’s individual needs, and devise the best solution for them, yet large enough to manage solutions for companies with 200+ vehicles and assets.

Business owners and managers are often in charge of delegating their equipment, trucks, trailers, or heavy equipment to their employees. Because these employees so often take these high-value assets away from their sight/site, they generally have 3 main fears:

  1. They worry about their assets disappearing from its designated site,
  2. They are concerned that their employees will use their equipment without their permission (moonlighting),
  3. Their equipment is either being abused or isn’t being used at all.

Because of scenarios like these, business owners and managers seek peace of mind, and that is when remote supervision via GPS tracking becomes a viable solution.

At Track What Matters, our aim is to understand each individual businesses needs, and to personally fulfill them with the proper tracking solution through:

  1. An easy to use cloud-based tracking system,
  2. 24/7 call in service where the person on the other side of the line is a living, understandable human being that can answer any question you may have,
  3. Flexible purchasing plans, with optional contracts or pay as you go service,
  4. Custom feature development when you need it.

Often times, decision makers are worried about getting tied down, but we want you to be certain that our solution is best fit for your business needs, and that is why we offer a 45-day money back guarantee. If we aren’t the best fit for you, simply return the tracking units for a full refund. If you still aren’t satisfied, just ask for the CEO’s personal cell phone number and he would be glad to take your call.

Additionally, since our senior management has expertise in web and mobile application development, we have the ability to create a custom-built solution for your business. If our tailer-made options don’t mesh well with your company’s needs, tell us what you are looking for and we can create it!

We have a commitment to maintaining a US-based development staff that understands our clients business environment and its culture. This makes our products comfortable and intuitive for our largest customer demographic.

Furthermore, if your business is of a greater size, TWM offers the unique ability to move your subscribed service to your own in-house servers. You even have the option to use your own cellular plans. In the cases where this makes sense, your savings and profitability are vastly improved. If you need some assurance, you might be interested to know that Honeywell, the largest provider of home and business security systems in the world, chooses Track What Matters to be their partner in delivering a new GPS tracking solution. Together, we assist them in serving each of their customers through their 15,000 dealers in the United States.

Using these principles of personalized service and customized customer care, Track What Matters is currently supporting customers in 47 US states and 9 countries with these tracking devices traveling through most of the world! We are confident that our size will always be small enough to give you personal attention, yet large enough to achieve what ever goals you and your business may have.

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