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Fleet Tracking Catches Philanderers

Fleet Tracking Catches Philanderers
April 9, 2013 steven

Pulled Over School Bus

Fleet Tracking: An Employee’s Bold Use of a School Bus

I like to make a habit of visiting as many of our customers as I can. A couple weeks ago, I visited a long-time customer on the East coast. This customer has used our fleet tracking system to supervise its employees driving customers and students to and from destinations in limousines and buses.

After several stories of how our GPS tracking system came in handy, the HR Director says, “I have to tell you my favorite Track What Matters story.”

Though not verbatim, this is her story: “We had a bus driver that we knew was trouble but had yet to be able to prove, irrefutably, that he was doing wrong. Then, one night, we tracked him using a company vehicle to shuttle a prostitute around town.

He made several stops, presumably allowing the prostitute to solicit at each stop. The police were involved in tracking and observation.

With the GPS tracking system, we were able to easily fire him and the police were able to more easily track him in our vehicle (with our permission of course).

A little shocked, I asked “So, this was in one of your limousines?” She responded, “No, this was in a yellow school bus!

Back in 2008, I heard a story of a yellow bus driver stopping for beer. I thought that was pretty amazing, but this guy blew me away.

Our customers are the people who truly let us know the direction our system should go. It is my responsibility to make certain we continually refine our GPS tracking software to meet the needs of each and every customer.

If you have a great story where fleet tracking software came in handy, please send it to Maybe we will feature you and your company on the blog.

Best wishes,

Steven Van Ooyen
CEO – Track What Matters, LLC


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