OBD-Based Tracking: “Plug and Play,” GPS-Style

Posted in News on March 15th, 2012

A few weeks ago a Valencia, California company called LiveView GPS unveiled a new product in its lineup called the Live Trac EZ GPS Vehicle Tracker. This portable tracking device attaches to a vehicle’s On Board Diagnostic (OBD) port to provide near-instantaneous tracking of the vehicle’s location. The company claims that its new product relays speed, ignition, mapping and reports through a Web-based application for viewing through any Internet-enabled computer. If that has a familiar ring to Track What Matters customers, it should — because we already offer this technology.

What is an OBD port, anyway? It’s a data retrieval port installed on most vehicles made since 1996. This port was originally designed to interface with troubleshooting devices that can read computer codes to locate malfunctions, and it still plays that role in countless auto shops on a daily basis. So it’s already primed to send a vehicle’s operational data — all we have to attach a tracking device that can read the flow of information and bounce it off a global positioning satellite, and from the satellite to your computer or mobile device via the Track What Matters web portal.

What’s the biggest benefit of going with an OBD tracking device as opposed to a hardwired one? Well, you’ll get the same flawless performance and comprehensive data flow you’d expect from our service either way, but an OBD device is totally portable. You simply unplug it from vehicle’s OBD port, plug it back into another vehicle and you’re good to go. This feature is especially useful if you don’t necessarily have to have tracking devices on every single unit in your fleet — you can just rotate the trackers to the vehicles that need them most on a given day.

Want to learn more? Just ask!

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    Fleet Tracking Explained

    Posted in News on March 14th, 2012

    Fleet Tracking is important to your business.  Learn how.


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      Follow That Car! GPS and the Taxi Service Industry

      Posted in GPS Tracking Benefits on February 21st, 2012

      Perhaps no transportation business proves more problematic to owners and users alike than the taxi service industry. Instead of relying on the stability of well-planned daily routes, taxi companies must dispatch untold numbers of vehicles to get from anywhere to anywhere within a bustling metropolis quickly and efficiently. And now modern GPS tracking technology is showing its value in this industry by collecting data for all kinds of helpful purposes.

      If you’ve ridden in many cabs over the years, chances are you’ve been overcharged at some point. The less honest drivers out there like to take the long way around to rack up extra mileage — a fact that a recent study by the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission verified in a 2011 review. GPS tracking devices inside the cabs proved that New York taxi drivers overcharged their clientele by a total of $8.5 million on trips that should have cost a total of only $2 million.

      Taxi-mounted GPS devices can also help cities plan their transportation systems. Microsoft Research Asia ran GPS data from taxicabs in Beijing through an algorithm that clearly demonstrated areas of peak congestion within the transportation network — data city planners can use to determine which motorways and intersections need the most help and what form that help should take. This kind of research could be expanded to include GPS data taken from public transportation services, school buses, emergency vehicles services and bicyclists. Even individual commuters could get into the act by relaying data to researchers from their GPS-enabled smartphones!

      Mobile GPS tracking is making major contributions to our understanding of traffic flow. And if you’d like to put it to work on the flow of your own business operations, contact us to deck your vehicles out with the latest and greatest in tracking technology!

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        Client Recovers $80,000 Stolen Truck

        Posted in News on February 15th, 2012

        Big Rig

        Client Recovers Stolen Truck with GPS Tracking

        Recently, one of our longtime clients and professional moving company, Nationwide Relocation Services, reported they had recovered their stolen truck and trailer thanks to our GPS Tracking System and the devices installed therein.

        This is not a completely unique story, as many of our customers report similar success. Nationwide Relocation Services has been a brand ambassador for Track What Matters, and were very pleased that our GPS technology tracked down the stolen vehicle. They were then able to dispatch the police to its precise location, resulting in an arrest and full recovery of the property.

        Initially Nationwide Relocation Services installed the GPS technology on all of its new trucks and trailers to prevent moonlighting and recovery property theft. The investment quickly paid off when a former driver decided to use NRS assets to haul a shipment for another company. The stolen truck was located in Ohio, over 1300 miles from its original location.

        “We noticed that the truck was not where it was supposed to be, and became suspicious,” said Aldo DiSorbo, a representative from Nationwide Relocation Services. ”We reported the stolen property to the officials immediately, and were able to pinpoint its location so they could dispatch local authorities. The driver was arrested, and the other company was notified to come pick up their shipment.”

        The truck was valued at over $80,000.

        From the time Nationwide Relocation Services recognized the problem and contacted the police to the recovery of the vehicle was a matter of minutes!

        You can read more about this story on the Houston Chronicle.

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          Founders Launch Non-Profit Business Training

          Posted in News on February 14th, 2012

          Biz Owners Ed

          After creating numerous successful businesses, the founders of Track What Matters, LLC have committed substantial resources to the founding of Biz Owners Ed, Inc.  The purpose of non-profit corporation is to train entrepreneurs of small companies giving them the opportunity to grow their business with the credible influence of successful entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses.  Biz Owners Ed formalizes the work this group of mentors do on a regular basis.

          The Biz Owners Ed program is free to participants and funded by mentors.  This 10-week “bootcamp” program gives participants instruction in marketing, sales, negotiations, contract structuring, and merger and acquisitions.

          Interested business owners can learn more at bizownersed.org

          Learn about the mentors on their website.

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            Pro Golfers’ Bags Tracked by GPS

            Posted in News on February 10th, 2012


            GPS Tracking for Golf BagsHave you ever thought about how chaotic it must be for golfers on the PGA Tour to go from city to city, week to week, playing in tournaments day in and day out? Now imagine lugging the golf clubs, luggage, and everything else required in living on the road six to seven months a year. Not an easy task! Aggravating the situation were additional airport security measures after 9/11 and Hulka’s Overland Player’s Express (H.O.P.E.) is born.

            In strolls Steve Hulka to the rescue. Steve, a 30-year professional golf caddie now working for British professional golfer Brian Davis, transports players’ clubs and just about anything else they need transported for the tour. PGA tour players purchase their own bins and fill them with anything that they want driven, from city to city, while on tour. It’s certainly not just clubs that H.O.P.E. transports but things like baby strollers, cribs, luggage, and once even a BMW motorcycle for one PGA player. In a busy week, Steve and his wife, Mary, are transporting items for 40-50 players. It’s now been nine years since Steve started H.O.P.E. and he’s on his third trailer … each one larger than before. Steve’s very proud of his newest addition to the business – a GPS Tracking unit from Track What Matters.

            Steve Hulka Caddie

            Photo by Scott Halleran

            “After driving an average 12 or more hours in transit in a single day, it wasn’t a whole lot of fun to get a 5:00 am call from a player wanting to inquire as to where we were in route with their golf clubs or personal belongings,” said Hulka. The Track What Matters GPS tracking device enables players to log-in directly from their laptop, mobile phone, or tablet and find out in real-time where our trailer is located. There’s no special software, and the players think it’s nifty that H.O.P.E. now has GPS to track their stuff.”

            Hulka also noted that many of the players are very superstitious about their things and really don’t like them out of their sight. The GPS tracking device provides security and peace of mind so that each player can track his valuables any time he wants 24/7.

            If you’re ever out at a tournament, it won’t be hard to spot the large trailer of Hulka’s Overland Player’s Express. You’ll likely find a cheerful Steve Hulka (assuming his player Brian Davis isn’t on the coarse playing) or his wife Mary loading the trailer.

            If you want an extra surprise, take a look inside the trailer and you’ll see encouraging handwritten notes on the walls of the trailer from many of the PGA Tour players. For Steve and Mary, it has become more than a business–it’s a ministry and these little messages are a big deal.

            When Steve was asked what player had the greatest influence on his life, his answer was immediate – Tom Watson. “Tom epitomizes the kind of player that I always wanted to be. I’ve always admired the way he plays and his intense focus on the game. In 1989, after a break, Tom was instrumental in me getting back on tour” says Hulka.

            No doubt that Mr. Steve Hulka is living a dream as he drives all across this nation as the PGA Tour’s chief golf club, crib, stroller, and luggage transporter.

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              S2S Banner

              Posted in Showcase on February 9th, 2012
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                Smart Pay Banner

                Posted in Showcase on February 9th, 2012
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