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Track What Matters provides a web-based, GPS Fleet Tracking & Management System that enables owners and managers of trucking and vehicle fleets to reduce costs and increase profits.

Invest in your Business with Fleet Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking is growing among many in the business world because the benefits like reduced labor and fuel costs, safety, cost-efficiency, customer dispute resolution, and more accurate report generation on worker activity.

GPS tracking in the business world holds different possibilities! Such as offering cost reducing and profit increasing vehicle tracking solutions.

Fleet tracking is using GPS technology to locate, monitor, identify, and maintain in contact with company owned vehicles such as trucks, trailers, cabs, and limos. But this means more than knowing if a fleet vehicle is stolen and where it is.

Using a GPS Tracking Device, Businesses are able to:

  • Lower Fuel & Labor Costs
  • Improve Fleet Routing & Dispatching
  • Recover Vehicles in the Event of Theft
  • Reduce Call Response Time & Improve Customer Service
  • Lower Insurance Costs
  • Positively Influence Driver Behavior
  • Validate Employee Time Sheets
  • Stay Up-to Date on Vehicle Maintenance

Infographic: The Potential Savings of 1 Fleet in a Year Could be $7,000

Why Businesses Use Fleet Tracking

Some customers look for peace of mind in the event of theft, others look to hold their employees more accountable, and certainly all of them are looking to cut their costs and improve their profits.

Having the ability to know where all of your vehicles are, where they have been, how long they have been there, helps the fleet manager zero in on inefficiencies.

Many times, they find employees taking advantage of them. Some employees have been found taking on side-jobs, participating in illegal activities, or just aren’t working at all.

Other times, managers are able to find real ROI just by improving their poor routing and dispatching. This ultimately leads to lower fleet and fuel costs and complete optimization of the fleet.

Fleet Tracking: Lower Fuel Costs & Save Money

Tracking What Matters to You

Track What Matters provides a number of tracking solutions for businesses, because each of them has their own objectives. Serving a vast array of industries, whose focus all differs, our tracking application provides the means to improve the operation of them all.

The Online Fleet Tracking & Management System provides an easy way to monitor the vehicles in your fleet and the metrics that matter most to your bottom-line profits.

In addition, our Tracking Application opens up with the Dashboard. This allows you to see all the pertinent and trending data going on within your fleet. Once monitoring and analyzing this information, the majority of our customers have been able to take on more jobs by optimizing their operations.

Track What Matters leverages Google Maps, making the tracking application familiar and really simple to use. There is no software to be downloaded; simply log in to your account online and that’s it!

If you aren’t too internet-savy, no problem. We can provide you with a personalized demo, showing you exactly what our tracking application can do for you, your business, and your bottom-line profits.

Google Maps®

Google Maps®

GPS Tracking Reports

Multiple Reports

Fleet Tracking: Efficiency-Routing

Efficiency Routing

Turn-by-Turn Directions

Turn-by-Turn Directions

Stellar Support & Service

Our 24/7, in-house customer support team is absolutely stellar. Do you need to set-up automated text and email alerts?

With unlimited reporting options, we can automate the metrics that are most important to the running of your business.

Two in the morning and forgot your password? Give us a call. We are available to you every hour of every day.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best support in the market.

World-Wide Tracking Solutions

Perhaps your company is on an international level? Track What Matters fleet and vehicle tracking is offered in different countries such as Asia, Mexico, India, and Canada (just to name a few). You don’t have to be in America to enjoy its benefits.

Real ROI

If some are still unsure about tracking your fleet, here is a quote from a very successful use of the system: “In one month, for just one crew, fraudulent time reporting cost me 60 hours totaling $2820! It could have been $33,840 for the entire year, if we didn’t catch it sooner! But never again.”

Employees & GPS Tracking

Understandably, the idea of being watched might not be appreciated by all of the employees within the company. To help with this transaction Track What Matters offers suggestions to take into consideration:

  • Inform Your Employees about the Tracking System and Explain the Benefits
  • Only Track Company-Owned Vehicles, unless the Driver says otherwise
  • Restrict data collection and storage to pertinent company metrics
  • Offer benefits for your employees, like a bonus program for optimal fuel consumption


Are you interested in the possibilities of tracking your fleet of vehicles? Check out our information section about the benefits and learn how to get fleet tracking for your company now!

It’s time to get a hold of your rising costs and to grow your bottom-line profits

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