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Demand Internet Based GPS Tracking Software

Demand Internet Based GPS Tracking Software
May 20, 2008 steven

What sets apart some GPS Tracking Systems from others is primarily the software. GPS tracking software bridges the gap between the GPS tracking units installed in your vehicles with the user interface you use on your computer to track your vehicles.

GPS tracking software comes in 2 major forms. The oldest is software installed on your PC. This type of software requires the user to install the software via a CD or download on a single or multiple computers. The user can only use the machines on which the software is installed. Often, companies that require installation of software on a PC will require software licenses in addition to GPS tracking service fees. All in all, the idea of requiring software to be installed on PCs is no good.

The second, and best option is Internet based, online-only GPS tracking software. This type of software requires the GPS tracking software user to login to a website where the GPS tracking application is served. Software that is operated from a remote server with no software to install on the user’s PC or Mac is called an Application Service Provider model. GPS tracking software run from a server gives users the best possible situation. There is no GPS tracking software to install, the latest of the GPS tracking software is always available for every customer, and you do not every have to worry about waiting for downloads.

Insist on your GPS tracking software being served completely from the Internet and available on any of the major browsers. These should include Internet Explorer, Safari (Mac), and Firefox.

Steven Van Ooyen

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