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GPS for the Landscaping and Lawn Care Industries

GPS for the Landscaping and Lawn Care Industries
June 21, 2012 admin
Lawn Care

Every industry seems to come with its own special set of challenges, and that goes for the lawn and garden world as well. Landscapers and lawn maintenance companies are always running in high gear during the spring and summer months, with the more ambitious ones trimming and edging 20 or more properties each day. This bonanza of opportunity has its downside, though, because the business needs to convey a lot of equipment via multiple trucks to cover its territory efficiently. This raises the very real possibility of lost drivers, missing mowers, slow-running routes and other nightmarish snags that can run the company to ground in a hurry. Even if the employees have mobile phones, the dispatchers calling them in the field have to compete against roaring, buzzing equipment to get through.

GPS tracking services such as those offered by Track What Matters can help solve many of these problems. Dispatchers can use the clear, easy-to-use computer interface to follow the progress of each vehicle along its route (or note deviations from said route). If a given work crew tends to run late on its assignments, its bosses can see precisely why and where the problem occurs. With some landscaping and lawn care companies directing up to 25 vehicles at a time, this ability can turn almost-certain chaos into smooth, profitable order.

Don’t forget the value of asset tracking in a situation where expensive equipment is headed out in all directions on a daily basis. Portable Asset trackers attached to these pieces of equipment can help you locate them in the event that they’re lost, stolen or simply misplaced. That protection goes for the trucks carrying the equipment, too. So if you’re in the lawn business, GPS tracking can definitely help you conserve lots of “green!”