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How GPS Tracking Can Lower Your Fuel Expenses

How GPS Tracking Can Lower Your Fuel Expenses
July 3, 2012 admin

Here at Track What Matters we’ve heard many accounts from our customers of how our tracking technologies help them get better control over their routes (and their drivers), which boosts efficiency and saves money. But now that we’re looking at gas prices that routinely hover at levels we would never have imagined a few years ago, fuel efficiency has become a higher priority than ever. So, how exactly does GPS tracking translate into spending less money at the gas pump?

Route efficiency. When your vehicles are equipped with our Tracking devices, you can always see which routes your drivers are taking, for better and for worse. If you have drivers who zip over to their house to run an errand, or hit the convenience store for snacks, or even pad their time on the clock by taking the most roundabout road possible, you’re not only losing productivity — you’re losing gas! When your drivers know that you can monitor their routes, they’ll be more likely to take the quickest path from A to B.

Speed control. Any mechanic will tell you that a steady, moderate foot on the accelerator can help a driver save on gas. Most car or truck engines operate more efficiently at lower speeds than in high gear, and a lead-footed employee running behind schedule can burn up a lot of expensive fuel. Those fast speeds also encourage sudden starts and stops, both of which cause even more waste. If your company requires its employees to drive safely at the proper speeds, GPS tracking can help you enforce that policy while controlling expenses.

If your company depends on cars, trucks or mobile heavy equipment, consider equipping your vehicles with GPS tracking — and start putting that pricey fuel to more productive use.