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Track Those Engine Stands

Track Those Engine Stands
October 6, 2011 admin

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A lot of effort goes into the care and maintenance of large aircraft, as you may have observed from the window of an airport gate. One item on the checklist you not have seen, however, involves the transportation and maintenance of the crafts’ engines. Commercial airliners rely on the power provided by such behemoths as the Pratt & Whitney PW 4000 series of turbojet engines, which range up to 112 inches in diameter and generate more than 99,000 pounds of thrust. But they can deliver all that power only if the ground crew is able to access and work on them.

Just moving these mammoth engines from place to place calls for an extremely robust piece of equipment — the shock-mounted aircraft engine stand. Some companies specialize in leasing and maintaining engine stands to airlines and aircraft companies. We’re talking about large, complex, hard-to-replace items that can go for $20,000 to $30,000 each. And yet this industry-within-an industry lacks any clear, universal method for tracking its products’ current locations.

Of course the likelihood of someone stealing something as bulky as an engine stand is pretty remote. The bigger problem involves keeping track of their locations so you can move them where you need them and make sure a given site has the right engine stands for its aircraft at all times. What easier way to solve this headache than with GPS tracking? The company that owns the engine stands simply attaches an Asset Tracker to each one of them, and suddenly it can view the dispersal of its entire inventory with a few clicks of a mouse.

Whether your business leases aircraft engine stands, routes emergency vehicles to their destinations or just needs to keep an eye on the goods, Track What Matters will help you keep things flying!


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