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Commercial Fleet GPS Tracking Sector Growing

Commercial Fleet GPS Tracking Sector Growing
May 13, 2011 admin


Commercial Fleets & GPS Tracking on the Rise

New research indicates that the number of companies utilizing GPS fleet tracking solutions is poised to grow substantially.

According to Berg Insight Research, a Swedish company offering premier business intelligence to the telecom industry, the number is expected to increase in the Americas to over six million units by 2015.

For this time period, Berg is projecting annual sales of about 3.8 million units in North America and 2.3 million units in Latin America.

Historically, awareness and use has primarily been focused on the high-end trucking sector. However, with increased telematics awareness and consumer education, new sectors are now utilizing GPS technology to track both fleets and assets.

New areas include delivery, utility, and service industries. More companies, like Track What Matters, are beginning to direct their efforts toward meeting the advanced needs of their customers with customized GPS solutions.

The simple reason for this growth trend is that business owners and managers are actively seeking ways to cut costs and improve productivity.

While North America may be ahead of the curve with utilization of GPS tracking and fleet management technology, Latin America’s growth isn’t far behind largely fueled by Brazil’s mandated installation of GPS tracking units in all new vehicles.


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