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Monitor Trips and PTO Operation with Track What Matters

Monitor Trips and PTO Operation with Track What Matters
February 14, 2008 steven

Track What Matters introduces two new features to its standard list.  These features will further our customers’ ability to increase profits through better management of their fleets.

The first is the Trip Manager.  Trip Manager is automatically available to all TWM customers.  Added to the Control Panel is a “Trip” tab.  This tab shows the points where your vehicle ignition was turned on and off throughout the day.  You can then use this feature to set whether trips are for personal or business.  With this data, Track What Matters customers will be able to more accurately account for vehicle mileage and use allowing behavior modification that leads to increased profitability for fleets.

The second new feature monitors PTO functionality for tow trucks and wreckers.   This feature shows each time the PTO (wench or lift) is operated.  Towing companies can use this feature to better understand what their drivers are doing and as backup data in the event of litigation against the towing company.

We are excited about these features and look forward to seeing our customers profit from their use.

Steven Van Ooyen, Chief Technology Officer