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Old Fashioned Road Trip

Old Fashioned Road Trip
January 12, 2009 steven

The new year has been extremely busy for us in the GPS tracking world.  Thus, I haven’t had the opportunity to blog about our family trip from Texas to Florida where we tested different cellular providers with our GPS tracking devices.

This old fashioned family vacation offered me a great opportunity to drive side by side with the truckers we monitor with GPS tracking and to test GPS tracking devices and antennas.  We tracked our vehicle with two GPS tracking devices through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida all the way to Disney World.
For the most part, our travels tracked through commonly traveled roads with great cellular service.  What I was most interested in on this trip was how the GPS tracking worked in rural areas off the main highways.  The great news is that our GPS tracking device with a new cellular provider worked fantastically reporting every 2 minutes without a single lapse in coverage.  Our second GPS tracking device performed almost as well.  The only lapse in coverage was in the most remote part of Louisiana.
Normally we fly when traveling this far.  However, this one time, we wanted to let the kids see the coast, military bases, and to test our GPS tracking units.  It was also a good time to be in the field where our customer vehicles travel every day.  During this trip, I observed the professionals behind the wheel of big trucks who shared the road very courteously.  I also observed others for whom GPS tracking is a great idea.
So, keep it safe on the highways and byways.
Steven Van Ooyen


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