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US Government Wants to Track Your Vehicle with GPS Tracking

US Government Wants to Track Your Vehicle with GPS Tracking
June 18, 2010 steven

A politician from Oregon would like to put GPS tracking on your vehicle.  This isn’t just tracking your fleet.  This is tracking your personal vehicle for tax purposes!  I have always been in favor of the private owner of a vehicle, trailer, container, or piece of equipment being able to track their assets, but the idea of the US Government tracking personal vehicles is very disturbing.

Though they just say they want to record mileage and use times, these devices would expose private citizen driving habits to the government.  That’s all fine when we have a “good” government.  But, what happens if the government ever goes bad?  History repeats itself…  Is it impossible to think that a Stalin or Hitler could ever come on the scene in a western country?  Someday?

Follow the link below to see how the US Government plans to track your vehicle with a very scary bill.

Congressman wants government GPS tracking in your car.

Again… Scary


  1. GPS Tracking System 10 years ago

    using gps to monitor a vehicle seems like it would violate privacy rights.

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