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Why not use my GSP Cell Phone to Track?

Why not use my GSP Cell Phone to Track?
March 5, 2008 steven

One of the most common questions we receive when talking to customers is “Why wouldn’t I just use my cell phones to track my company vehicles?”. This is a valid question that I completely understand. Since most people and companies already carry cell phones, there is a natural attraction.

The problems with cell phones for tracking company cars and trucks are numerous. Of course, it depends on the needs of the customer.

First, for most companies, their assets are in the vehicle that is being tracked. Unfortunately, you cannot count on a cell phone being in a car, truck, or van. So, if the vehicle is stolen, there is nothing in place to track it.

A second issue is cell phone battery life. It is incumbent  on the driver to keep the cell phone charged.  If all of our drivers were reliable enough to keep their phones charged, we wouldn’t be talking about this!

Third, the cell phone can be undermined in the sense that it can be put in a toolbox disabling the signal.

Fourth, the cell phones do not allow you to track idling, ignition starts/stops, or allow for things like starter disabling.

The great benefits to a wired-in device are related to reliability and features.  With a wired device, you always know the device is on the job.  You also get the benefits of a having access to vehicle information.

Steven Van Ooyen

CTO – Track What Matters

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