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Powered & Tethered Trailer Tracking

The Powered Asset Tracker allows you to get the real-time location on your trailer load when tethered, and when untethered you still get all the benefits of our Asset Tracking Device.

By leveraging GPS metrics with the Track What Matter’s Online Tracking Application, businesses can alleviate costly inefficiencies and also, improve upon their return on investment.

With the Track What Matter’s Asset Tracking, Companies can:

  • Improve Trailer Utilization
  • Reduce Detention Time
  • Eliminate Delivery Errors
  • Support Dispatch Operations
  • Effectively Manage Inventory
  • Manage Theft Recovery and Prevention

Nationwide Relocation Services recovered $80,000 in stolen property using Track What Matters Powered Asset Trackers & Management System.

Trailer Tracking Solution

Webpage ATp 2This Powered Asset Tracking device is fully integrated, boasting superior GPS sensitivity, and with our simplified “in the cloud” configuration, the ATp device has proven results in a host of business and trailer tracking applications.

By providing the features of a full-blown trailer tracking solution with the benefits of the Track What Matters Trailer Tracking Device, companies can save on hardware costs by purchasing just one tracking device.

Technical sheet – ATp Cellular-based GPS Tracking Device

All Vehicles on One Map

All Vehicles on One Map

What Can You Do with Tethered Trailer Tracking?

When Tethered:

  • Track your trailer/load in real time
  • Monitor where your load is stopped
  • View Trips
  • Multiple Trailer Tracking Reports
  • Custom locations based on your needs
Vehicle Paths

Vehicle Paths

When Untethered:

  • Get location of trailers on a regular frequency (daily, weekly, other)
  • Use Dynamic Geofences to see when a trailer leaves the area it was last located
  • Custom GPS tracking configurations based on your needs


Does your Company Use Owner-Operators?

  • Companies who use owner-operators to transport their trailers are often in the dark as to where their loads are. The Powered Asset Tracking Device allows you to track your trailers in real-time, much like you could track a truck if a tracking device was installed in the truck itself.
  • Gain Control and Improve Customer Service – using owner-operators allows companies to save in many ways, but it minimizes the ability to install tracking in those trucks. By actively tracking your trailers in real-time, you can estimate delivery times more accurately and keep your customers better informed.
  • You don’t have to intrude on your drivers – Companies tend to be very shy to ask their owner-operators to install GPS tracking devices in their rigs. The Track What Matters Powered Asset Tracker allows fleet managers to achieve active load tracking without imposing on the owner-operator.

ATp Device Hands-on Overview Video (Bracket Install and Water Submersion Demo)