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Track What Matters Fleet Tracking Systems


Track What Matters provides online GPS fleet tracking which allows you around-the-clock access to your vehicles. It’s never been easier to monitor vehicle locations, message your drivers and get jobs done on time. Everything you need to know about your fleet at your fingertips both on Desktop and Mobile Platforms.

Contact Us at (866) 833-7769

Partner Opportunities

You are experts in your field.  We are experts in GPS tracking and fleet management.  We are also experts at enabling partners to leverage our GPS tracking hardware and software.  Whether the ideal scenario is an API integration or a white label solution, we have done it and do it well.  With a Texas based development team dedicated to our products, communication is quick and simple.


Enterprise Opportunities

Your enterprise needs asset or vehicle tracking and management.  However, it doesn’t make sense to build it internally without the expertise in GPS tracking hardware and solutions. You also need to get to market as soon as possible.  We can help.  With flexible implementation plans and pricing models, we can help with your technical and business needs.


Dealer Opportunities

You already have relationships with fleet owners, maybe you have a history of selling Fleet Tracking to those contacts.  Now you are ready to leverage those relationships with a company that will support your sales efforts, listen to your input on hardware and software program needs, and give you the flexibility you need to produce steady income.  Track What Matters’ development, service, and management organization is all located in North Texas allowing for the best communication plans.