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Asset & Equipment Tracking

GPS Tracking for Heavy Equipment-Construction

With Track What Matters GPS Tracking and Monitoring Solutions, you can rest assured the assets in your business are right where you need them to be. Our GPS devices are affordable, easy to install, and with our user-friendly interface, we make it easy for you to manage those assets.

Tracking and Monitoring Solutions for You:

  • Petroleum & Oil Equipment
  • Shipping Containers
  • Flatbed & Box Van Trailers
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Construction Assets

“Having experienced recent growth, we needed to keep better track of our goods to make sure they reach their destinations as promised.  We had a major shipment containing $237k recovered using asset trackers from Track What Matters.”

Equipment Tracking

Asset & Equipment Tracking Information

Our GPS Tracking Devices and tracking system can be personally customized to tailor fit the needs of your business. These custom development solutions allow you to do more than monitor and manage the assets important to your company.

If you are interested in learning more about our GPS tracking solutions and management and how it can offer you a user-friendly, turnkey solution for improving efficiencies for your business, or about custom GPS tracking software development, please click here. You can also reach us at, at 1-800-293-0420.

GPS Tracking Devices fit for your Tracking Needs

Satellite-to-Satellite Device

Satellite Tracking DeviceSatellite Tracking DeviceSatellite Tracking Device

The Satellite-to-Satellite Device is designed for trailers and other mobile assets that travel or are stored in areas with unreliable or non-existent cellular signals. This particular solution comes with 3 huge advantages: longer battery life, ability to bypass cellular networks and allows user to know when an asset moves and comes to rest.

Asset Tracker 

Asset TrackerAsset TrackerAsset Tracker

The Asset Tracker is a flexible tracking device perfect for areas where GSM coverage is established and accessible.  This includes most of the globe!  Designed for the intelligent monitoring of un-powered mobile and fixed assets, it can be easily configured to optimize motion detection, location monitoring, user-friendly reporting, and Geo-fence settings.

Powered Asset Tracker

Powered Asset TrackerPowered Asset Tracking DeviceWired Asset Tracker

The Powered Asset Tracking device provides the best features of the Asset Tracking device, but with the added  ability to utilize vehicle or semi trailer power when available. This unique device is fully integrated, boasting superior GPS sensitivity, and with our simplified “in the cloud” configuration, the ATp device has proven results in a host of business and trailer tracking applications.

More Information on Asset & Equipment Tracking

If you are in need of more detailed information regarding our Asset & Equipment Tracking Solutions, please contact us and one of our GPS tracking specialists can take you through a quick, live demo. This demo will be customized to show you how our customers have effectively tracked the assets and equipment in their business.