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Natural Gas & Oil Industry

Manage the metrics vital to you, your business, and your bottom-line profits!

The Petroleum & Natural Gas Industry often stretches its line of communication thousands of miles away, and because of this, Track What Matter’s custom GPS tracking technology proves a valuable solution in managing those out of sight assets.

Are you looking to track the exact location of your equipment, or to improve the allocation and utilization of your assets? We have you covered, and with a host of GPS Tracking Devices, we will find the best solution for your specific business needs.

“With the installation of the units we’ve cut our overtime in half and that’s only the beginning. Last year, we didn’t have one single speeding ticket and that means an increase in the engine life of our trucks and a big decrease in maintenance related problems.”

Solutions for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry

Providing you with the metrics vital in the success of your business, our custom developed software give you the tools necessary to manage, locate, and keep up with your high value equipment.

We know business is fast-pace and that accessibility is very important, because of this, we leverage Google Maps, making our user-friendly interface cost efficient, easy-to-use, and accessible from any PC, MAC, or via our mobile application.

Size of Satellite Tracking Device


The Satellite-to-Satellite Tracking Device

  • Longer Battery Life
  • Ability to Bypass Cellular Networks
  • Visibility of Asset Movement & Rest

Asset Tracking Device



Asset Tracking Devices

  • Designed for intelligent monitoring of mobile and fixed assets
  • Easily configured to optimize location monitoring & motion detection
  • User Friendly Reports
  • Geo-Fence Settings

Let us Customize a Solution for your Business Needs

Is your company involved in the production, refinement, distribution, or another faucet of the petroleum industry? Not sure which GPS device would be the best solution for your business situation?

Contact one of our GPS specialists in regards to your custom business needs, and we will provide you with a custom solution that best fits your needs.

At Track What Matters, We are GPS Experts, so you don’t have to be.