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Theft Prevention

Theft Prevention, Tracking & Recovery

Day and night, your people and property need protection. Whether it’s your fixed asset or a high valued load, it can be difficult to create a robust and reliable security solution. It was reported recently by the Wall Street Journal that trailers thefts have increased by 67% over the previous year.

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As valuable assets become more of a target and your risk continues to rise positioning our theft tracker and recovery system for pennies a day gives peace of mind, lowers your risk and accelerates recovery should a loss or theft attempt occur. With built in alerting, geofencing, and gps tracking functionality you will have what you need to secure your assets.

• Up to three years or more of operation with low battery notification
• GPS technology provides locating abilities even in most indoor environments
• Fully Integrated – no need for external antenna or power source
• Wireless Connection Reliability
• Superior GPS Sensitivity & Geofencing
• Alarm notification via text and or e-mail
Customizable Features: programmable response intervals and locates
• Weatherproof, impact resistant, heat resistant
• Easily concealed

Theft Recovery TestimonialTrusty Construction’s Investment paid off when GPS Tracking Technology Recovered their Stolen Trailer. “We were able to track exactly where it was. We met the police at that location and recovered the trailer.” 

Features and Benefits of a GPS Theft Recovery Device


• Proactive Geo-fence alerts
• Google Mapping Satellite and Street Views
• History Review: Review location and data for the past 365 days
• Remotely access your trailer whether it is tethered or un-tethered.

Bottom Line Benefits:

• Gain visibility into your operations by learning how long assets are sitting around in one place.
• Verify equipment utilization to increase revenues and maximize profitability.
• Reduce the number of trailers and other assets needed to manage the same workload
• Improve customer service by providing security and accountability for the customer’s cargo.
* Increase driver productivity, while enhancing customer service
* Better measure, monitor, and manage fleet performance
* Reduce operating expenses- including fuel costs, overtime pay, and insurance premium
* Enhance safety and reduce liability

Improve Vehicle & Cargo Security

Companies lose millions of dollars every year because of the theft of cargo, vehicles, trailers, etc.. GPS based theft tracking systems can play a major role in preventing both vehicle & cargo thefts as well as aiding in recovery.

Lower Insurance Costs

A GPS theft tracking system aids in the recovery of stolen vehicles and cargo. In many situations, theft or unauthorized use of equipment can be detected within minutes. Many insurance providers offer between 5 – 12 % discounts on Insurance Premiums for vehicles equipped with GPS theft tracking devices. Contact your insurance provider for more information.

GPS Theft Recovery System Information

If you are interested in learning more about how Track What Matters GPS theft recovery and tracking for assets, vehicles, equipment, and containers can offer you a user-friendly, turnkey solution for improving efficiencies for your commercial business or personal use through GPS theft tracking devices and/or custom GPS tracking software application development, please call us at 1-800-293-0420 or contact Customer Service.