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GPS Tracking for Trailers, Assets & Equipment

Cellular-Based GPS Asset Tracking

The Track What Matters Asset Tracker (AT) is a flexible tracking device perfect for areas where GSM coverage is established and accessible; this includes most of the globe! The Asset Tracker, because of its ability to use the near-global GSM network, provides a very affordable tracking option.  The AT excels beyond the Satellite Tracking Unit (STU) is when it is under cover.  The AT device, by default, locates using the GPS satellite network.  However, if locating via GPS is impossible due to the device being under cover, the AT is able to produce locations based on cellular data. As with the STU, all of the AT’s data is stored and presented in Track What Matters’ cloud-based solution complete with 1 year of history retained online.

Cellular-Based GPS Asset Tracking

Cellular-Based GPS Tracking with Power Option

The ATp Tracking Device (ATp) provides the best features of the AT device with the ability to utilize vehicle or asset power when available. This unique device senses when it is connected to external power and can be programmed to send its location more frequently.  As a result, you can get fleet-like tracking options when powered and battery-powered tracking when no external power is available.

Cellular-Based GPS Asset Tracking With Power Option

Asset Tracking Information

If you are interested in learning more about how Track What Matters GPS Fleet vehicle tracking management for assets, trailers, equipment, and containers can offer you a user-friendly, turnkey solution for improving efficiencies for your commercial vehicle business through GPS tracking systems for your containers, equipment, trailers, and assets and/or custom GPS tracking software application development, please call us at 1-800-293-0420 or contact Customer Service.