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We offer many options for your business to track what matters most to your bottom-line profits.

It is the purpose of our GPS consultants to match your business needs with the proper device and service.

Because each business has uniqueness to it, and each fleet owner or manager has individual requirements, it is nearly impossible to post completely accurate pricing for all of our GPS tracking services.

About Pricing for Tracking Service

There are two main components to pricing for GPS tracking.

1. GPS Tracking Devices

This encompasses all of the different devices used to track vehicles, trailers, equipment, and other assets. The proper device must be matched to your business needs. This is the first cost.

2. GPS Tracking Service

This is the charge to provide tracking services on a regular interval.  Whether you purchase or lease tracking devices that use cellular or satellite communication methods, there will be a recurring service fee.  As a rule, satellite tracking services are more expensive then cellular tracking.  Additionally, you should expect your cost to be higher with the more data you require to be sent over the air.

Flexibility in Purchasing

Track What Matters strives to make your use of our system simple.  Likewise, we want to be accommodating when it comes to purchase and leasing options.

When you call, let your sales representative know your preferences for purchase or lease.  We have plans that will allow you to maintain maximum flexibility or to minimize your need to spend your capital dollars.

Custom Software Development for GPS Tracking

Track What Matters offers custom development solutions where your exact business needs have yet to be met by our standard system.  This includes integration with your systems or complete tracking systems built from scratch.  Present your ideas to our sales experts and they will guide you through the process to achieve the results you require.

The Choice is Yours

  •  Contracts are Optional
  •  There are no minimum purchase requirements
  • 45-day Satisfaction Guarantee


From time-to-time we will run specials.  Please ask your GPS consultant for more details.