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Battery Powered Asset Tracking

The Track What Matters Asset Tracking Device offers the leading GPS solution in integrated, fixed, and mobile asset management.

Asset Tracking Solutions Provide You With:

  • Asset Monitoring & Management
  • Tools to Improve Efficient Use of Assets
  • Landmarks & Geofences for Greater Inventory Control
  • Asset Security, Theft Prevention, & Peace of Mind

Sealmaster, saw a $5000 return on their investment within the first 3 months of using Track What Matters Asset Tracking Solutions.


Battery Powered Asset Tracker

Asset Tracking Device

The Track What Matters Asset Tracker is a flexible tracking device designed for the intelligent monitoring of mobile and fixed assets. It’s quad-band, integrated platform provides GSM, GPRS, & GPS functionality for global asset tracking solutions.

Using our Online Tracking Application, assets can easily be configured to optimize motion detection, location monitoring, user-friendly reporting, and Geo-fence settings.

Technical sheet – AT Cellular-based GPS Tracking Device


Why Our Solutions?

  • No Contracts
  • Outstanding Customer Service 24/7
  • Global Coverage
  • Convenient Leasing Options for those with High Asset Volume
  • Special Pricing based upon volume purchases
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance
  • Data is in “The Cloud” – No special software needed

Now assets wont be hidden…even if they are in “undercover” locations.

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