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GPS Tracker Recovers Stolen Goods in Arizona

GPS Tracker Recovers Stolen Goods in Arizona
April 17, 2014 steven

According to the Arizona Daily Sun, a 37-year-old man was arrested this morning on charges of robbery when a GPS tracking device installed by the home owner he robbed led police to the bugler’s home.

The GPS tracking device led the officers all the way to the suspect’s bedroom where they found the stolen goods under his bed (best hiding place ever!).

GPS Tracking Device - Theft Recovery

GPS Tracking Device for Theft Recovery

We have used a similar device while working with real estate owners to secure and recover numerous appliances from vacant homes.  In one major market, we have recovered appliances from 5 different heists.   In each of these cases, the thieves steal the tracker, it alerts our customer to the movement, and they call the police.  Inevitably, the appliances are taken to a used appliance store where they are sold to an unknowing victim.