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Trailer Tracking Catches Thieves

Trailer Tracking Catches Thieves
March 3, 2014 steven

Today, in The Claremore Daily Progress, it was reported that the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office used GPS tracking technology to catch 3 suspected thieves.  That’s great news for the folks in Claremore and the surrounding area.  Rechargeable GPS Trailer Tracker

In this particular case, the theft was monitored and even “baited”.  But, we have seen many cases of trailer theft and recovery over the years.  Trailer thieves are smart.  They generally know where most tracking devices are located as many put the trackers right on the roof.  Those tracking devices, for years, have been the size of a legal pad and about 1″ thick – Very Easy to Spot and disable.

So, with our customers, there is a movement to better conceal trailer tracking devices.  Since our devices can “see through walls”, our customers are able to install the trailer tracking devices inside walls.  With the size of a trailer, finding where or if a trailer tracking device is installed takes costly time that thieves don’t have.

A few years ago, this came in very handy when a trailer was stolen from a major defense contractor.   Because the thief failed to find the device, the trailer was recovered within just a few hours.

Make sure your trailer tracking devices are capable of concealment and are rechargeable.