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Fleet Tracking Blog

Can you save money with GPS Fleet Tracking?

Yes. If you analyze our infographic, you will see that a fleet of 10 vehicles, traveling 18,000 miles a year, can save about $7074 per year!

How can I Save Money on Fuel with GPS Tracking?

In this blog, you will learn about several strategies to reduce your fuel costs, once adding a GPS Tracking system.

Can you really increase profits with GPS?

Yes, it is true. By leveraging our GPS tracking system, many of our customers have learned to reduce their fuel and operating costs, increase productivity, and ultimately profit from their investment.

Learn to get a hold of your Labor Savings with GPS tracking technology.

While many of our customers turn to Track What Matters to save on fuel, they are surprised to find they can also save on labor costs.

How can fleet tracking help me and my employees?

After installing gps tracking devices, many of our customers have had the unfortunate experience of catching some of their dishonest employees. In one such article, our customer tracks a fleet of buses, and found one of her drivers was using a school bus to pick up women. Click here to find out more.

Can GPS tracking be used to help protect our wildlife?

Absolutely! We have written many blogs about the positive aspect of gps tracking endangered species, or to better understand them. The Researchers at the Center of Conservation Biology have been using GPS tracking technology to keep an eye on bald eagles, and to monitor their flight and migratory patterns in order to better understand the scope of their ecology.

In another blog, we talked about Ocearch’s use of GPS to track Great White Sharks! Ocearch believes people misunderstand the great white sharks, and have provided a platform for the curious to track the sharks all across the world. They have been able to monitor their swimming patterns, and if need be they can warn the local authorities if a great white gets too close to a popular beach.

Our blog contains a vast array of useful, interesting, and benefits of GPS tracking, gps tracking devices, and gps tracking technology.