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Embracing Google+

Embracing Google+
August 16, 2011 steven

I must admit, when friends and colleagues recommended Twitter 4 years ago, I didn’t get it.  Sure, I registered @svanooyen (@trackandsave is the Track What Matters account) and opened an account, but I never imagined it would be what it is today.  The way Twitter was described to me was that it was a place to inform your friends or coworkers of where you were at the time.  Honestly, I am not that concerned as to where someone is shopping or eating in most cases.  Though, for a handful of people, I do like seeing pictures of their children or enjoying places they visited via the images they post.  But, in many cases, I would like to greatly limit what I see from others and what I share.

This is the inherent beauty of Google+.  Google+, though not yet approved for business profiles, has a great feature set for businesses built in.  At Track What Matters, our plan is to use Google+ for frequent communications and updates.  Thus, our IT Director, UI Design Director, and others will be on Google+ to share with you as time goes on.  We intend to allow customers to give us recommendations and feature requests as well as product ideas.  For us, Google+ is an exciting way to manage communication with our customers in a real time environment.  The real benefit of Google+ is in the sharing with Circles.  This allows you to quickly filter what you share to whom.  For instance, my family may not care that Track What Matters is about to carry a new satellite tracking device for asset tracking that will work around the globe.  And, at the same time, customers of Track What Matters might not care that I want to wish a friend Happy Birthday!  With Google+, I can easily choose who gets which message.

As with any new technology offering, there will be a “figuring out” period.

Feel free to add us to your circles and let us know what you think.

Best Wishes,

Steven Van Ooyen, CEO


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