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Behavior Modification with GPS Tracking

Behavior Modification with GPS Tracking
July 21, 2010 steven

Third party analyst studies confirm GPS tracking positively impacts driving behavior.   Reduced speeds and improved driving habits reduce fuel consumption and lowers risk.  In most cases, insurance providers offer discounts in coverage for these reasons.   Just the known presence of a GPS tracking device in the vehicle has a positive effect.   Beyond the presence of the GPS tracking device there are features within the tracking application that allow for notification and reporting to identify poor driving behaviors.

At Track What Matters we have found that our customers are more interested in behavioral trends over individual incidents.   Our Speed Report provides this analysis cleanly and easily.   Repeat offenders are easily identified.  The more frequent the offenses over an extended period of time, 1 month, 2 months etc. enables business owners and fleet managers to coach behavior rather than respond to a single incident.   This can provide for a more productive conversation and outcome.

Track What Matters’ easy to use interface and built in reporting capabilities makes identifying opportunities for efficiencies and cost cutting easy.   Track What Matters takes the guess work out of operations and fleet management.

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